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Mirt | Most
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Limited edition of 250 copies. Including 25 copies of special edition.
Released in 2003 on limited 3"CDR - "Most" (Malachit) is one of the well aclaimed works of T. Mirt (Brasil and The Gallowbrothers Band, One Inch of Shadow). This is a concept album about big inactive railway bridge, fauna and flora of the Odra river. The bridge is situated on Polish - German border. Both tracks are composed mainly of preapared field recordings made on the bridge and its neighbourhood. This is a story about metal form sunken in the muds of the Odra river and absorbed by nature but also about freaks from nearby village. Lost like this old bridge.

Full color cover with black and white inner sleeve. 25 copies of superlimited edition with additional hand painted gatefold cover covered with fabric and additional bonus CDR.

LP is released together with Nefryt Records.

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