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Brasil | Wander Till Spring
CDcsd001 / n015
Limited edition of 365 copies. Including special edition of 33 copies.

It's a first record of latter Brasil and the Gallowbrothers Band project. They used a lot of acoustic instruments: bells, cymbals, trumpet, lingatone, bontempi, flutes, didjeridoo, drums, xylophone, mandoline, broken trombone... + old electronic stuff, tape recorder & voice. Subtle & esoteric sounds, psychedelia, delicate rhythms... sadness & melancholy. Nice A5 format gatefold cover.
Limited to 365 numbered copies.
Reedition of very rare cat|sun CDR with new tracks.

Fool in the Autumn |  Satellite Song |  Poemonkey |  Ballad of Mary Ann |  Number One Release This Thing |  The Ballad of Vagabound


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