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Mirt | Oh! you are so naive!
CDcsd002 / mono009
Mirt claims that he follows the way begun on his last minialbum "Most", but he is really leading us up the garden path. This time the musical journey centers around his fascination with 20th century revolutions and utopian socialism. You will find here six songs about a revolution that never took place and the motionless rebels hidden in their flats. It's mostly about the fight for what is unreal, and the frustrating and pointless battle with the here and now. Tracks are carved out of acoustic and electric instruments with the addition of smooth analog sounds. The air has been filled with a fragile trumpet tones and repeated, mesmerizing drones with a greater role given to prepared guitar and vintage synths.

Track #1 |  Hello Robert! |  Track #6 |  Servis Charge |  (...) |  This Pattern Is Repeated at Several Points through the Song


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